inPhorm: A Fashion Brand with a Conscience

From the very beginning, inPhorm has been driven by a mission to create, not just stylish and functional clothing, but also to prioritize environmental and social responsibility. This unwavering commitment to sustainability and ethical practices has been a cornerstone of our brand identity, earning us the reputation as an "Eco-Forward" pioneer in the fashion industry.

Sustainable Practices at the Heart of Our Operations

Sustainable activewear and practices are at the heart of inPhorm's operations.

At the core of our Eco-Forward ethos lies a deep-rooted commitment to sustainable manufacturing. We meticulously select our manufacturing partners to ensure adherence to stringent human rights and fair wage standards. This commitment extends beyond the factory walls, as we prioritize partnerships with facilities that embrace eco-conscious practices. Our current manufacturing partner goes the extra mile by incorporating solar panels for energy generation and implementing a wastewater recycling system, both crucial steps in fostering cleaner ecosystems.

Empowering Women Through Fashion

Our dedication to sustainability is intertwined with our unwavering commitment to empowering women in the fashion industry. We are immensely proud that 98% of our team is composed of passionate women who contribute their expertise and dedication to every aspect of our operations. This strong female presence is not just a coincidence; it is a direct reflection of our core values and our belief in the immense power of women to drive positive change.

Sustainable activewear can make a diference—we focus on empowering women through fashion.

Bridging the Gender Pay Gap in Thailand

In Thailand, where equal pay for equal work remains an ongoing challenge, inPhorm stands as a beacon of hope. We are committed to providing our team members with fair and equitable compensation, ensuring that they are valued and rewarded for their contributions. Our commitment to closing the gender pay gap extends beyond our own company, as we strive to inspire other businesses to follow suit and create a more equitable work environment for all.

As a sustainable activewear brand, we aim to bridge the gender pay gap where we work in Thailand.

More Than Just a Number: A Symbol of Our Commitment

The 98% statistic is more than just a number; it serves as a powerful testament to our unwavering commitment to empower and uplift women in the industry. We believe that women should not only be represented in our workforce, but should also have the opportunity to thrive and excel in leadership positions. By fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment, we are committed to creating a space where women can reach their full potential and contribute to the success of our brand.

From start to finish, every step of our sustainable activewear manufacturing process represents a commitment to change.

Fashion with a Purpose: Paving the Way for a Sustainable Future

inPhorm's journey as an Eco-Forward fashion brand is not merely a business strategy, it is a reflection of our deep-rooted belief in the power of fashion to drive positive change. We are committed to creating a brand that not only looks good but also does good, leaving a legacy of sustainability and empowerment for generations to come.

By empowering women and promoting ethical practices, inPhorm is setting a new standard for the fashion industry. We invite you to join us on this journey as we continue to pave the way for a more sustainable and equitable future.