Setting the standard for stylish,
feminine eco-forward athleisure.


Some Insight

Creating environmentally-friendly international designer activewear has been inPhorm’s mission since we launched in 2008.

Our luxurious tennis, active and lifestyle outfits are made predominantly  of recycled fibers. And we are constantly devising new processes and technology to reduce the environmental impact of apparel manufacturing. By spring 2017, inPhorm will offer active wear and tennis togs that have been colored with a proprietary dry-dye process that doesn’t use or pollute water.

inPhorm crafts every fabric and stitch of clothing in our own textile mills and sewing factories to ensure high quality from start to finish.

Look for the seven exciting multinational young pros whose tennis wardrobes we sponsor – Alla Kudryavtseva, Jessica Moore, Marina Shamayko, Jacqueline Cako, Petra Januskova, Kaitlyn Christian (KK) and Sabastiani Leon.

inPhorm proudly serves as the official outfitter for the men and women players and coaches of Tennis Ireland, the national governing body for the sport in Ireland.

Distinctive, feminine and chic, inPhorm’s tennis clothes are also favored by glamorous doubles players Roxanne and Sierra Ellison.

Expect more great things from inPhorm as we offer more athleisure, always mindful that the creation of high design does not preclude protecting our planet.

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