How To Get Better at Pickleball Fast: Tips From Pro Player Kaitlyn Christian

Here's how to get better at pickleball fast.

Pickleball is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing sports in the country, drawing players of all ages with its thrilling yet accessible gameplay. Many new players are interested in mastering pickleball quickly to enjoy competitive play and join an energetic and welcoming community.

If you really want to know how to get better at pickleball, take it from an expert like Kaitlyn Christian, known in the scene as KK. 

Getting better at pickleball by yourself is easy. Getting good fast will require playing regularly and lots of dedication to practice. Practicing regularly is the best way to get better at anything.

Whether you want to improve your physical fitness or just have some fun, learning how to get better at pickleball is a step on an exciting journey.

Get Better at Pickleball Through Practice and Coaching

Playing often and dedicating time to improving your skills is how you get better at pickleball quickly. Consistent engagement with the game allows you to refine your skills, build strategic thinking abilities and improve your muscle memory.

Many players find it beneficial to practice with a partner. There are targeted exercises you can engage in with a partner to hone your skills. A skilled partner or coach can also give you feedback on your form and teach you about strategy, a great way to accelerate your progress.

"I personally have my best results when I find a really good drilling partner and spend hours a day drilling the basics: drops, reseting, and dinking. Also, seeking out lessons from coaches help a lot as well!"

Solo Practice Techniques

For solo practice, tools like ball machines help you develop consistency and endurance by allowing you to focus on improving basic abilities in a private, independent setting. You can also check out online resources for tips and demonstrations. 

"Using a ball machine to practice specific shots, using rebound nets, practicing quick reaction volleys against a wall, or watching instructional videos are all very effective ways to get better by yourself."

It can be helpful to observe professional players and coaches perform techniques and explain strategies that might not be immediately obvious to newer players. Tutorials allow you to study complex moves and delve into pickleball's more tactical aspects.

Upgrading Your Equipment

Don't overlook the importance of having the right gear when trying to improve at pickleball. Quality paddles and balls can improve your game by ensuring better control, comfort and injury prevention. Similarly, wearing functional, comfortable activewear is also helpful. Look for items made from sustainable materials that allow for unrestricted movement during play. Stylish designs can even boost your level of confidence and enjoyment, making the sport more engaging.

"I’ve been playing in inPhorm clothing since I started competing on tour. It’s super comfy to compete in, and I love the designs that come out every season. They continue getting better and better, and I love being apart of the inPhorm family!"

Developing Essential Skills

Getting better at pickleball takes lots of practice.

Newer pickleball players should cultivate the fundamentals before worrying about advanced skills. For example, when your coordination is solid, you can hit your swings more precisely and swiftly. 

"Three skills needed to play pickleball effectively are good hand eye coordination for quick reactions, quick footwork to move efficiently around the court and maintain balance around the kitchen line, and strategic thinking to anticipate and recognize opponents patterns, strengths, and weaknesses."

Working on your footing helps you stay agile, and you can play smarter when you understand how shot selections and placements work in pickleball.


Supplement your regular practice sessions with some time studying how others approach the sport if you want to learn how to hit better in pickleball. This method can teach you to apply techniques under pressure and adjust to your opponents.

"Watching matches of other players to learn is also key to continuing your development. And mixing practices with players of all different levels."

Playing with new people can be beneficial, too. Observe how different players use various shots and moves to tackle a wide range of situations to learn more about the game.


Improving movement in pickleball enhances team coordination and prepares you for quick direction changes. It also helps with creating and avoiding attack angles.

Focus on smart positioning and efficient footwork to learn how to move better across the pickleball court. By practicing basic lateral movements and side-to-side steps, you can cover the court more effectively. Using a split step can also improve readiness and balance.

Learn How To Get Better at Pickleball

You can make significant advancements in your play by emphasizing consistent training, adopting a strategic approach to learning and fostering a strong mental game.

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KK graduated from USC as a three time All American and won an NCAA doubles title with Sabrina Santamaria as a junior. She then proceeded to play ten years on the WTA doubles tennis tour where she reached a career high of number 38 in the world. KK made the transition to play full time pickleball this last January and is ranked number 11 in the world in singles on the PPA tour.

Find KK on Instagram here.

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