What's the Difference Between Pickleball and Tennis?

What's the difference between pickleball and tennis?

If you're wondering what's the difference between pickleball and tennis, you're not alone.

These energetic yet relaxing racket sports have gained immense popularity worldwide in recent years. While they share many similarities, major differences in equipment, gameplay and social aspects set them apart.

Rules and Gameplay

How is pickleball different from tennis? Exploring each sport's gameplay helps us understand the key distinctions.

Tennis usually has a faster pace than pickleball. Players often use more powerful serves and groundstrokes. They must cover the entire court, which is bigger than a standard pickleball court. Even at the amateur level, there is a significant emphasis on athleticism and endurance.

Pickleball has a slower pace, emphasizing strategy and ball placement. The non-volley zone prevents players from volleying the ball close to the net, leading to longer rallies and a focus on control and precision.

Skills and Community

When trying to understand what's the difference between pickleball and tennis, you may have noticed that the communities around the two sports differ.

Pickleball tends to be less physically intense than tennis. It's more accessible for a broad range of ages and skill levels. Men and women often play pickleball together, as do children and elders. The equipment is affordable, and the sport is easy for beginners to learn, while tennis can be more expensive and challenging to get into.

Pickleball's social dynamics and community-building aspects are well-known, while tennis has a more formal and competitive culture. Due to its accessibility and social nature, pickleball is rapidly gaining popularity, especially in the United States. By contrast, tennis has existed for centuries and has a strong global following.

Gear and Equipment

Equipment is another major difference between pickleball and tennis. Pickleballs are similar to whiffle balls, with numerous holes allowing air to pass through. They have a lightweight, durable plastic construction and are less heavy and bouncy than tennis balls.

Pickleball paddles are bigger and have a larger hitting surface than those used in ping-pong. However, they are lighter and smaller than tennis rackets, making them easier to maneuver.

Dress Code

One difference between pickleball and tennis is the attire.

Understanding what's the difference between pickleball and tennis can help you decide what to wear on the court. Traditional tennis attire exudes sporty elegance. Classic items like pleated skirts, polo shirts and tennis dresses remain popular fashion choices. Tennis clubs and tournaments sometimes have dress guidelines for players.

Pickleball fashion is still evolving. While you can easily adapt tennis or golf attire to pickleball, you can also experiment and define your own style. Pickleball courts rarely have strict rules for dress. Your attire needs to be appropriate and practical. The playful nature of pickleball lends itself to more adventurous fashion choices. You can try vibrant, eye-catching color combinations to make a bold statement on the court.

Explore What the Difference Is Between Pickleball and Tennis

Whether you prefer the accessibility and social nature of pickleball or the athleticism and tradition of tennis, each sport has its appeal. Trying both activities is a great hands-on way to learn what's the difference between pickleball and tennis. Whatever game you choose, InPhorm's latest performance activewear collection has looks you'll want to wear on the court.

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