What To Wear To Play Tennis: Complete Guide

Deciding what to wear to play tennis depends on several factors.

Whether it's your first time on the court or a championship match, choosing what to wear to play tennis can make or break your experience of the game. Learning about tennis clothes and accessories streamlines the decision-making process and gives you what you need to know to put together a complete outfit, ensuring you look and feel your best for your next match.

Deciding What To Wear To Play Tennis

What do you wear to play tennis? Begin by assessing your needs as a player. This means picking garments that match your skill level, environment and individual aesthetic.

Seasonal changes

Becoming too cold or hot during a tennis match can affect your game and potentially be unsafe. In the summer, opt for breathable apparel with plenty of ventilation. You should also take steps to protect your skin from direct sun exposure.

If you play tennis in colder weather, jackets, hats and leggings can provide much-needed insulation. Consider buying a rain jacket and water-resistant gear if it rains frequently where you live. Dressing in layers allows you to alter the amount of coverage you wear throughout the day and the year.

Casual or competition

What to wear for tennis depends on the occasion. If you are meeting friends for casual play in a public park, feel free to express your individual style. You can wear modern attire and bold colors or go for a more elegant, vintage look.

Some clubs have attire guidelines, and it's a good idea to review them in advance to dress appropriately. For competitive matches, you should prioritize performance and adhere to the event's dress code. Additionally, it's beneficial to test any new tennis gear, including apparel, during a practice session before wearing it during a competition.

Personal style

You can use your tennis clothing to demonstrate your taste and individuality. Want a traditional, classic look? An all-white or pastel tennis outfit with a polo shirt and pleated skirt is timeless.

You can also embrace the latest trends by experimenting with eye-catching patterns, color palettes and designs. Mixing and matching pieces from your tennis wardrobe allows you to create a variety of fashionable yet functional looks for the court.

Buying Tennis Apparel

Knowing what to wear to play tennis starts with buying the right apparel.

Tennis attire is an essential part of every player's equipment. When determining what to wear to play tennis, look for items that balance form and function, paying particular attention to fabric quality and fit. Owning a range of different cuts, colors and styles gives you versatility, ensuring you have the right look for any setting.

Skirts and shorts

Tennis skirts and shorts in breathable, lightweight materials help you move with confidence on the court. Opt for items constructed from modern performance fabrics that can wick sweat while providing compression, support and coverage.

Many tennis shorts and skirts have convenient ball pockets, and the skirts often have built-in shorts. Some tennis players prefer long, athletic pants to stay warm or cover more skin. You can layer skirts over leggings when it gets cold, too.

Tops and dresses

From breezy racerback tanks to sporty long-sleeved half-zips, there's an activewear top for every tennis outfit. Tennis tops often have ventilation and mesh panels to enhance cooling and manage sweat. You can also try a tennis dress for an effortless and chic look.

If you play outdoors, a top or dress made from UV-blocking technical fabric protects you from harmful sun exposure. These quick-dry materials tend to be resilient and easy to care for as well.

Sports bras

You can't discuss what to wear to play tennis without mentioning the importance of foundation garments. Sports bras, underwear and compression shorts provide crucial coverage and support when you play. These items are necessary for your focus and long-term comfort. They can even help you avoid strain. Flat seams or seamless designs are important for preventing chafing and skin irritation.

Accessorizing Your Look

Accessories can help you decide what to wear to play tennis.Don't forget accessories as you figure out what to wear to play tennis. Quality shoes and gear complete your look while also adding practical features. These items give you a boost in facing the physical and mental challenges of playing tennis. Tennis accessories add flair to your ensemble and complement your gameplay while keeping you comfortable and safe.

Tennis shoes and socks

A pair of tennis shoes designed for the sport helps you play your best while minimizing pain. The wrong shoes can be fatiguing and may even contribute to injury. When buying athletic shoes, look for a pair with good lateral support to accommodate side-to-side movements. Tennis shoes should have solid cushioning and soles with ample grip. Be aware that some clubs might limit which shoes you can wear on the court.

Buying special athletic socks is a good idea. They can draw sweat away from your feet, preventing blisters from forming. Moisture-wicking socks are less likely to develop odors. Added cushioning near the heel and ball of the foot can also mitigate the effects of some high-impact movements.

Hats, visors and sunglasses

Many tennis players wear hats or visors to shade their faces from direct sunlight. They can limit the risk of sunburn while shielding the eyes from glare. Wearing a visor or hat improves visibility, attention span and reaction time.

Sunglasses are classically cool accessories, but they are also practical. Polarized sunglasses that block UV radiation can protect your eyes while you play. Some glasses have enhanced contrast features that augment your ability to see the ball. A pair of shades can also guard your eyes from debris and wind during an outdoor match.

Wristbands and headbands

Wristbands and headbands are practical accessories for managing sweat during a tennis match. They prevent sweat from dripping into your eyes and hands, which can interfere with your vision and grip. Wristbands and headbands should be snug but not tight. You can buy them in classic white or use them to add vibrant pops of color to your ensemble.

Discover What To Wear To Play Tennis

As you look to elevate your game and learn what to wear to play tennis, explore inPhorm's collection of ethical, stylish options that cater to the needs of both new and experienced players. Find the perfect blend of practicality and style to make every match your best.

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