What to Wear to a Golf Tournament

This guide shows you what to wear to a golf tournament.

Not sure what to wear to a golf tournament? Dressing well for these events combines fashion, comfort and respect for the game. Tournaments are sporting events and social gatherings, and your attire helps you make a good impression. By choosing a practical yet flattering golf tournament outfit, you can play with confidence and style.

Rules for What To Wear To a Golf Tournament

Although golf constantly evolves, it's also a sport steeped in tradition. Dressing appropriately when you play golf shows respect for the sport and upholds a sense of professionalism. However, guidelines on what to wear to a golf tournament are about more than just etiquette. Dress codes encourage players to choose practical, safe and comfortable attire.

Because each tournament is different, you should research what to wear to a golf tournament in advance to ensure you have the right clothes. These days, you can usually find tournament policies online, but you can also contact the club hosting the tournament to ask for more information.

How To Plan Your Tournament Look

Ideally, plan what to wear to a golf tournament so that you have time to order new items or make adjustments if necessary. Giving your golf tournament clothing a test run before the big day can also be beneficial.

A classic short-sleeved polo shirt made from performance fabric works well for most tournaments. However, many tournaments permit female players to wear sleeveless and collarless tops, too. These can be practical if you are playing in a warmer climate.

Skirts and skorts made especially for golf can provide freedom of movement and feminine flair. In most cases, the length should be only a few inches above the knee to give you coverage and align with tournament dress codes. You can wear shorts or tailored golf trousers for a flattering, professional look. Look for pants made from flexible materials that won't restrict you as you play.

Cardigans, vests and jackets can add warmth and versatility to your golf outfit. On the other hand, a lightweight, breathable golf dress can be a great choice for what to wear to a golf tournament in the summer when temperatures are high.

What Not To Wear To a Golf Tournament

Knowing what to wear to a golf tournament means knowing what not to wear.

Many tournaments restrict players from wearing overly casual clothes. Denim, cargo shorts and leggings are usually not appropriate. Furthermore, your outfit should provide enough coverage while you swing. A golf tournament is not the right occasion to break out your favorite short shorts.

In addition to following the rules for what to wear to a golf tournament, you should also avoid wearing anything impractical for play. Attire that is too tight can limit your ability to move, while overly loose clothes can get in the way. Similarly, heavy or long jewelry can detract from your performance.

Wearing the wrong footwear is a major faux pas at any golf tournament. High heels and spiked athletic shoes can damage greens. Similarly, flip-flops and other open-toed shoes are unsafe and inappropriate for the golf course.

Finally, make sure your look suits the occasion. Oversized accessories, flashy prints and casual athleisure styles are not the norm at many golf tournaments and could draw negative attention.

The Importance of Accessories

When considering what to wear to a golf tournament, remember that golf accessories can enhance your game and help you express your style. They also protect you from the elements to stay comfortable and play to the best of your abilities. For example, golf gloves improve your grip, giving you a better handle on your clubs, even if your hands become slippery. Many golfers find that gloves protect them from calluses and blisters.

Even on cloudy days, sun protection is important during a golf tournament. Jackets and other garments that block UV rays can be helpful, but you should also invest in a good pair of sunglasses. Shades aren't just for looking cool. Polarized lenses reduce glare and improve visibility while shielding your eyes. A hat or visor can also keep the sun off your face. However, check the club's guidelines for what to wear to a golf tournament, as some prohibit certain kinds of hats.

Although jewelry can add elegance and personality to your golf tournament outfit, picking smaller pieces that won't affect your swing is a good idea. Avoid statement necklaces, bulky bracelets and dangling earrings that might get in the way.

Dressing for the Weather

Weather dictates what to wear to a golf tournament.

Becoming too cold, wet or overheated can prevent you from playing well. Events often last several hours, so you should prepare for various conditions when choosing what to wear to a golf tournament.

For warm, sunny conditions, breathable fabrics that wick the sweat from your skin can keep you cool and dry. On the other hand, a waterproof golf bag and umbrella can be helpful if rain breaks out during the tournament.

Layering protects you from chilly or windy weather while also giving you versatility. Over your moisture-wicking base layer, you can throw on a sweater or fleece jacket for insulation. A sporty windbreaker is a great outer layer you can easily remove if temperatures rise.

Showing Up In Style

Deciding what to wear to a golf tournament is an opportunity for self-expression and creativity. While it's important to pick practical and appropriate golf tournament attire for ladies, you can also demonstrate your fashion sense while you play. Want to rock the latest trends? Embracing vibrant hues and playful patterns can be a great way to explore new styles while adhering to tournament guidelines. Look for a fitted polo or flattering golf skirt in striking, on-trend shades like poppy red or bright pink.

For a more timeless, elegant style, try a sleek golf dress paired with a knit sweater and elevated accessories. Adding minimalistic jewelry and some stylish sunglasses creates a refined ensemble you can wear on and off the course.

Learn More About What To Wear To a Golf Tournament

Creating an ensemble that honors the sport and showcases your flair is a winning strategy for your next tournament. For more ideas on what to wear to a golf tournament, check out inPhorm's fashion-forward, sustainable activewear collection.

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