What Is Polyamide Fabric and How Is It Used?

What Is Polyamide Fabric and How Is It Used?

Whether playing an intense tennis match or jogging in the park, your activewear should be as stylish and resilient as you are. A material such as polyamide is a popular choice for modern clothing, especially activewear.

What is polyamide fabric? Polyamide fabrics, including nylon, offer features like elasticity and moisture-wicking to help you train more effectively and compete at the top of your game.

What Is Polyamide Fabric Made Of?

Manufacturers use high-temperature chemical reactions to create long chains of molecules that create polyamide fibers. Next, they spin these molecule chains into synthetic yarns that they can weave or knit into fabric.

Several polyamide fabric types exist, including heavy-duty textiles used for military protection and fire resistance. Nylon, prized for its elasticity and silkiness, is the synthetic polyamide fabric most widely used in the fashion industry. Polyamide compounds occur naturally in materials like wool and silk, too.

Material properties

Nylon polyamide fabric has material properties that make it especially useful for everyday clothing, including hosiery, lingerie and activewear. Like other polyamides, nylon is incredibly durable with high tensile strength, making it resilient to wear and tear over time.

Polyamide fibers are also highly flexible with excellent elasticity. Even if you stretch them, polyamide fabrics typically return to their original shape. Because they're resistant to oils, these materials don't stain or hold odors easily, either.

Likewise, fabrics like nylon are great for managing moisture levels, which is important for outdoor gear and athletic wear. Polyamides can absorb dampness and help wick away sweat from the skin.

What Is Polyamide Fabric Used For?

A picture of outdoor equipment shows lots of things are made from polyamide fabric.

Polyamide fabrics like nylon have a wide range of applications. Home furnishings, including upholstery and carpet, often contain polyamides. Gear like tents and backpacks also use these fabrics.

Nylon and other polyamide fabrics add elasticity to tights and underwear. These quick-dry, flexible textiles are also commonly found in swimsuits and loungewear. Companies use polyamide fabrics for compression garments, and designers use polyamide fabrics to craft elegant dresses and blouses because nylon has a smooth texture and drapes well.

Activewear benefits

A lot of contemporary activewear, including sports bras, athletic socks and yoga pants, contains polyamide fabric. These stretchable garments move as you move, supporting a full range of motion.

Nylon and other polyamide materials are breathable and have moisture-wicking properties that keep you dry, comfortable and cool. Polyamide fabric also blocks UV radiation, protecting you from sunburns. Furthermore, the soft texture feels pleasant against the skin, even during a long training session.

Polyamide fabric tends to hold dyes well, which means dark or vibrantly colored garments won't readily fade or bleed in the wash. Likewise, polyamide fabric is strong and can maintain its form. You can launder your polyamide fabric exercise clothes frequently without wearing them out and toss them in your suitcase without wrinkling them.

Learn More About What Is Polyamide Fabric

Understanding what is polyamide fabric allows you to make informed decisions as a shopper. Materials like nylon support your athletic abilities while helping you feel comfortable and look your best. Explore items made from fashionable, functional fabrics with inPhorm's chic, eco-friendly activewear range.

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