Rock These Women’s Tennis Skirts on and off the Court

Rock These Women’s Tennis Skirts on and off the Court

A tennis skirt for women has been a staple of athletic apparel for decades, but its appeal extends far beyond the court. 

For players, these garments are essential tools that support athleticism and enable easy, graceful movements. However, tennis skirts also easily become elegant casual wear when paired with tee-shirts and sneakers. Their flattering shape brings effortless sophistication to any outfit.

When selecting a tennis skirt, look for a style and length that complements your athletic and casual wardrobe, allowing for a seamless transition from gameplay to everyday wear. Whether you're playing in a tournament or strolling through the city, there's a fashionable tennis skirt that makes for your perfect match.

An Asymmetrical Tennis Skirt for Women

The Riley is a perfect tennis skirt for women.

Concerns about your appearance and comfort levels can distract you from playing at the top of your game. The Riley Tennis Flounce Skirt ensures that your focus remains undivided during a match. The integrated compression shorts provide the necessary coverage without limiting your range of motion.

The flounced asymmetrical skirt flows with you as you glide across the court, allowing you to move as you please. Sweat and sunburns won't pull your focus as the skirt is made from high-quality fabrics that manage moisture levels and UV light exposure. After your match, it's easy to care for this garment because it's made from machine-washable, durable materials.

A Feminine Athleisure Tennis Skirt

Try the Nora for another great womens tennis skirt option.

Though the athleisure style has changed and embraced new trends in the past few years, versatile activewear that combines aesthetic appeal with functionality remains popular. The Nora pleated skirt embraces the latest iteration of this beloved contemporary look.

It has a sporty mesh overlay and pleats that add a playfully feminine appeal to an otherwise practical garment. Sold in vivid fuchsia, chic black or pristine white, this tennis skirt for women caters to the fashion-forward athlete. Add a sleek jacket for a post-game gathering or an on-trend hoodie that signifies casual cool.

Modern Performance Skirts for Tennis

The tennis classic skirt for women combines style with modern performance.

Your activewear should have practical features that boost your gameplay. Look for garments that stretch as you move without restricting your mobility. Our Tennis Classic Flounce Skirt, designed in 15" and 13 1/2" lengths, moves in sync with you on the court. Both have breezy mesh shorts underneath to provide breathable coverage.

Created with lightweight mesh inserts and sustainable fabric that dries quickly, these women's tennis skirts are suitable for daily training sessions, casual matches with friends or serious competitive play. The asymmetrical flounce hems add delightful visual flair without compromising performance.

A Tennis Skirt that Keeps You Cool

The Spin makes the list of top tennis skirts for women.

A high-energy tennis match can cause you to work up a sweat. If you want to play tennis comfortably and safely throughout the year, you need to prepare for various weather conditions. When temperatures are high, drinking enough water, wearing sunscreen and dressing appropriately are all key.

The Spin tennis skirt has a 13 1/2" length and airy mesh pockets for ventilation. The fabric is a blend of recycled polyester and spandex that protects you from excessive sun exposure while effectively managing moisture levels. However, it's not just a functional garment. With its contrasting stripes and chic design, this women's tennis skirt keeps you looking and feeling cool.

A Cute, Trendy Tennis Skirt

Choose the Emma for a women's tennis skirt that rocks.

Investing in fashionable tenniswear can enhance your athletic abilities while supporting high self-esteem. You can cultivate an on-trend look without sacrificing your skills in our Emma tennis skirt. Its double-layer flounce hem is adorned with mesh detailing that offers both femininity and practicality.

Made from moisture-wicking, UPF 50+ material, this tennis skirt for women suits athletic or casual wear. Style it with a fitted, sleeveless top and trendy sneakers for a flirty, athleisure look. Outside of a match, you can project understated elegance by wearing this skirt with a soft blouse, knit cardigan and chic sandals.

A Tennis Classic Reimagined

Ace Your Match with this women's tennis skirt.

Traditional tennis attire has long been synonymous with refinement and leisure. A straight skirt in white with a rib-striped trim is a timeless choice that will always be in style.

You can achieve this elegant sportswear look by pairing our Ace Your Match tennis skirt with a crisp white top and matching tennis shoes. A retro visor or headband completes the ensemble. Despite its classic appearance, this skirt has up-to-date practical features like compression shorts and discrete ball pockets.

The sustainable, easy-care fabric allows you to embrace traditional styles in an eco-friendly manner.

A Retro-Chic Tennis Skirt

The Aubrey is a retro-chic tennis skirt for women.

The 1980s marked an iconic moment for women's tennis fashion, bringing new colors and innovative silhouettes to the court. Today, you can get the best of both worlds by investing in a modern skirt with a retro look that mixes nostalgic style with contemporary functionality.

The Aubrey Traditional tennis skirt has a straight shape and a wide waistband for a secure, flattering fit. The vertical mesh inserts add breathability, keeping you comfortable during an intense match. This tennis skirt for women is a celebration of past styles, reinterpreted for today's dynamic player.

A Colorful and Contemporary Skirt

The Courtside Charm tennis skirt is colorful and modern.

A skirt with a bold pop of color allows you to stand out from the crowd. Celebrate your individuality while playing your best in a Courtside Charm Tennis Skirt. It's available in multiple color combinations, including shades of plumeria pink, poppy red and midnight blue.

This skirt's vibrant look complements its flowing design, creating a fun, joyful appeal. The flounce hem will flatter your shape and allow you to make agile movements as you sprint from one end to the court to another. Wear it with your favorite performance tank for a sporty look, or try a classic polo shirt to channel preppy style.

Upgrade Your Style with a Tennis Skirt for Women

At inPhorm, our line of tennis skirts balances elegance, comfort and practicality to meet the needs of modern women. Each garment is sustainably manufactured and thoughtfully designed to embody the spirit of contemporary fashion while promoting athletic excellence. 

Seamlessly integrate these versatile, eco-friendly skirts into your daily wardrobe or your activewear collection. Explore our collection and discover a tennis skirt for women that aligns with your personal aesthetic and functional needs.

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