Stay Cute in the Cold With These 4 Women’s Golf Jackets

Stay Cute in the Cold With These 4 Women’s Golf Jackets

When it comes to golf attire, a great jacket is a game-changer. An outer layer allows you to play in a wider range of weather conditions as you extend the golf season into the colder months. Modern women’s golf jackets boast performance features like breathable fabrics, accessible pockets and flexible design.

Whether you like classic sportswear or contemporary fashion, there are several styles of golf jackets that can enhance your game and keep you feeling confident.

1. Sporty-Chic Women's Golf Jackets

The Riley is one of the top women's golf jackets in the industry.

As temperatures on the course grow cooler, a sleek outer layer creates an attractive, fashionable look while keeping you comfortable. Our Riley Jacket has a slimming cut and comes with a contrast insert along the sleeves and upper chest.

Embrace a fashion-forward style by choosing between seven color combinations, including on-trend shades like soft grey, plumeria pink and pearl white. Made from moisture-wicking sustainable fabric, this versatile golf jacket is a great choice for sporting events and casual wear.

2. Flattering Knits for Layering

Try this Harlow knit golf jacket.

With more women playing golf these days, the activewear market has expanded to offer modern, feminine styles. The Harlow Knit Jacket has a flounced hem with a flattering shape and blended knit fabric with a cotton-like feel. This soft, chic outer layer won't impede your swing or bunch around your waist when you're playing a round.

Despite its appealing style, this women's golf jacket is a durable garment with practical features. The moisture-wicking properties help you remain at a comfortable temperature throughout your game.

3. Comfortable, Lightweight Jackets

The Aubrey is another one of the industry's top golf jackets for women.

You don't need to wear a bulky coat to keep warm while playing golf. Our lightweight women's golf jackets can protect you from the elements without weighing you down or limiting your mobility.

The Aubrey Lifestyle Jacket has a relaxed fit with a wide rib collar, so you can easily pair it with a breathable base layer or a stylish vest. The ventilation on the upper back helps you stay dry as you play. The jacket also has stripe details along the hem and raglan armholes for a traditionally sporty look.

4. Golf Jackets With Elegant Functionality

Women’s golf jacket

If you favor classic style but still want to play your best, look for a jacket that balances performance technology with elegant design. A semi-fitted layer gives you a chic appearance without restricting movement.

You can access modern innovation with a refined look by wearing a Classic Blythe Jacket. These golf jackets have smooth welt pockets and breathable mesh inserts. Available in black or white, you can match this item with traditional sportswear like skorts, polo shirts and golf dresses.

Explore Fashionable Women's Golf Jackets

A versatile jacket can put you ahead of your competition. At inPhorm, our chic yet functional garments improve your game in various settings, from casual outings with friends to competitive events. 

Although each of our women's golf jackets has a unique look, they all support sun protection, moisture management and temperature regulation. We use four-way stretch fabrics made from sustainable materials to create practical, performance-boosting garments for stylish golfers. Peruse our range of activewear jackets to find the right addition to your golf wardrobe.

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