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Inphorm Spotlight: Alexa Brecher

Inphorm Spotlight: Alexa Brecher

Do me a favor and picture yourself in elementary school, trying all of those activities your parents decided to push you into, hoping that at least one would stick. Now fast forward a decade or two – how many of those pursuits are still a part of your life?

For Alexa Brecher, that activity was tennis. What started as her parents signing her up for lessons at 8 years old has turned into a beautiful love for the sport that is still flourishing today.

Through the years, Alexa has strengthened her strokes and her place as a leader on the court. From joining the Syosset High School Varsity Tennis team in 8th grade to now being team captain her junior and upcoming senior year, Alexa has learned how to navigate difficult waters.

Being the captain of a team isn’t an easy task to begin with but throwing a pandemic on top of the situation takes some serious mental toughness. To get through the tough times, Alexa took initiative and supported her team by doing one thing the tennis world isn't necessarily known for: getting loud.

By encouraging her teammates to cheer for one another in between points, the team gained an edge over their opponents. Alexa recognized that this simple tactic could change the outcome of any match, which was important on the team’s path to becoming Nassau County Champions last year.

Above all, Alexa makes sure that team bonding exists outside of the court for the championship squad. This group of girls has proven to be more than teammates; they're truly friends. Whether it's getting team dinner, grabbing breakfast before an early practice, or sporting their team clothing around school, the girls are proud to be a part of a group that encourages each other every single day.

Besides hanging out with her friends, Alexa enjoys spending time working with children with special needs. What started as joining a club in 9th grade is now a piece of Alexa's identity. So much so that the teenager is interested in combining her love for law with her passion for working with individuals with special needs later in life.

But before Alexa starts her journey to the law firm, she's focusing on her current internship with the Long Island Tennis Magazine. Not only does Alexa get to combine her love for tennis with the working world, but she has the chance to try new experiences every day of the week, making her excited to start the job in the morning. She's constantly pushed out of her comfort zone and finds herself embarking on adventures, which is exactly what Alexa needs as she heads into her senior year. As she continues to forge her own path, we're confident that Alexa will always be able to teach us a thing or two about tennis and finding your passions.


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