inPhorm Spotlight: Alex Ho

inPhorm Spotlight: Alex Ho

Growing up, it's easy to be drawn to every activity in sight. Learning what you enjoy, how to build off your strengths, and improve your weaknesses are all a part of life. They're also a part of tennis. 

Alex Ho started her tennis journey at the young age of 5 years old. From playing with family and friends to beginning to play competitively around 10 or 11, Alex has learned how to stay mentally tough while leaving room to enjoy herself with (almost) every shot.  

But, just as in life, the sport has its ups and downs. A few years after starting her competitive play, Alex suffered from a stress fracture. Not only did the fracture force her to step back from the court for a bit, but Alex also realized that the physical injury wasn't the only one that was causing a toll on her body. 

Like many athletes, Alex had started to suffer from burn out. The year and a half it took her to rehab the injury gave her some time to consider the pros and cons of competing. Alex came to the realization that tennis still had a place in her heart, but it would just have to take a slightly different form. 

So, the teenager turned to more recreational play. Since she was in 7th grade, Alex has been a member of the Syosset High School Varsity Tennis team, leading the team as captain this past season. She'll continue her role into this upcoming season, but the team has proved to be more rewarding than Alex could have ever hoped.

Not only has Alex kept in contact with the friends she has made from her USTA days, but she has also created new bonds with her teammates. Through this past year, it was more important than ever to encourage the team to support one another and instill a positive work ethic. No matter what position they play, it's vital that every girl can boost the morale of another; many key matches depend on it. As Alex has learned through her time on the court, there is a chance to win in every match!

 Outside of tennis, Alex has taken her strengths off the court. Besides being a makeup and skincare guru, the teenager's passion for helping others love themselves has spurred her goal to be a plastic surgeon later in life. She continues to help others find self love through the brands she has modeled for, including wearing a few new Inphorm outfits!

Currently, Alex is putting her collaborative abilities in action while she interns with our friends at the Long Island Tennis Magazine. We know that this teenager will continue to conquer every challenge put in front of her while continuing to be a positive light in the lives of those around her! 


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