How to Wear a Tennis Bag: Tips from Doubletake x inPhorm

Knowing how to choose and wear a tennis bag can improve your game days.

Your tennis bag is more than just a bag to haul your tennis gear to and from the court. The perfect tennis bag should hold everything you need to enjoy a tennis match and transition seamlessly to whatever else your day holds. 

Whether you’re new to the game of tennis or a seasoned player, understanding how to choose and wear a tennis bag can make your game days much more enjoyable. If you’ve been searching for a bag that will work as hard as you do, Shawna Krasts, the genius behind Doubletake bags, is here to share how to pick a tennis bag for your unique needs. 

Tennis players deserve a bag that looks as good as their game (or the game they hope to play)! A functional sports bag doesn’t need to compromise on style, and carrying a beautiful bag makes players feel confident.

What Do You Need in a Tennis Bag?

The tennis bag you pick matters. Your tennis bag should be built to perform well so you can perfect your skills without worrying about your bag falling apart. Every bag is going to be built differently, but Shawna at Doubletake recommends looking for a few key features in your next tennis bag.

Quality Construction 

Your tennis bag should be built to withstand regular wear and tear. Your tennis bag travels with you from daily practices and tennis matches, so it needs to be built from durable material that can hold up in different conditions. Your bag should also be easy to clean so you can remove any sweat, dirt, and grime that collects in the bag without it falling apart. Doubletake bags are specifically made from fade-resistant, water-resistant sustainable materials so your bag lasts for years and years. 

Players work hard on their game, and they deserve a bag that performs for them. We’ve seen lots of bags fall short, even those that are very expensive or bear the names of legendary tennis brands.

When purchasing a tennis bag, you should also look for sturdy zippers and reinforced stitching that won’t come apart with daily use. A quality tennis bag will also stand up when it’s placed down so you don’t have to worry about all your stuff spilling out. That way you can easily grab what you need to go enjoy a match. 


A well-organized tennis bag can be a game changer, especially on a busy game day. You should look for a bag that has room for all of your tennis gear, an extra tennis outfit, as well as a variety of compartments to keep you organized.

Your tennis bag should have room for:

  • Your rackets
  • Your water bottle
  • Sun protection
  • Personal items, like your phone and wallet

Specialized pockets can also be helpful, making storing and finding gear a breeze. 

Style and Comfort

You deserve a tennis bag that looks as good as your game. Choose a bag that reflects you in your personal style. Doubletake bags come in a variety of colors of modern designs so you can feel comfortable showing up to the court, no matter the occasion. 

inPhorm tip: Guarantee a consistently cohesive look on the court by coordinating your bag with the tennis wear essentials you wear the most, like your shoes, tennis jacket, accessories, or timeless basics

You can wear a tennis bag without compromising style or comfort.

A tennis bag should be comfortable to carry on and off the court. Tennis bags should have high-quality straps off your back or shoulders when used. Your bag should also store your rackets deep enough so they won’t feel awkward to carry, especially in the crowd of people. A bag that is lightweight and balanced will also be easier to use if you carry a lot of gear. 

How Do You Organize a Tennis Bag?

The key to a well organized tennis bag is a wide assortment of compartments and pouches, designed specifically for players, so they can stow and transport the items needed to play the best tennis possible. In addition, the best bags offer a stress-free transition to life after tennis.

An organized tennis bag allows you to pack all of your essentials, each in their own pouch so they're easy to access. You should also ensure there is space for extra things you may need for your next activity.

How do you organize a tennis bag? We show you.

Doubletake tennis bags take into consideration your needs outside of tennis and are designed with pockets to store toiletries, personal items, and extra clothes. This helps eliminate the need to carry extra bags whenever you’re playing.

Can a Tennis Bag be a Carry-On?

A well-designed tennis bag can be the perfect carry-on for your next trip. Tennis bags can be used to store your tennis gear in style, as well as other essentials for your next vacation. Doubletake bags ensure traveling athletes can feel comfortable and prepared when traveling with unique features, such as: 

TSA-Compliant Dimensions

To use your tennis bag as a carry-on, you should make sure your bag meets TSA’s requirements for carry-on luggage. Doubletake tennis bags are designed with these dimensions in mind so you can vacation with all of your tennis essentials. 

Practical Pockets for Travel Essentials 

The perfect tennis bag for travel should have pockets that can be used to organize all of your travel essentials and tennis gear so you can find what you need at a moment's notice. Doubletake bags come with pockets that can be used to store your passport, laptop, tablet,  charging cords, books and medications. Having a place for all your things can make your travel day much more care-free and manageable.

Comfortable and Lightweight

A carry-on bag should be comfortable enough to carry through an airport on busy travel days. Doubletake tennis bags are lightweight and designed with your comfort in mind so you can easily carry them on a long travel day. The bags can also be cleaned after going through airport security so they remain looking fresh for years to come.

How Do I Wear a Tennis Bag?

How do you style a tennis bag?

Doubletake tennis bags are stylish pieces that can be worn both on and off the tennis courts. Your tennis bag can be used to style your look before a tennis match or be used as a purse when running errands or traveling.

Doubletake makes styling a tennis bag easy. Here are some basic tips to boost the way you wear your bag with style: 

  • Choose the right size to fit your essentials without being too bulky. 
  • If your bag is bold and bright, keep your outfit neutral. 
  • Conversely, if your bag is understated, add pops of color in your look.
  • Wear your bag in a way that feels most comfortable. 
  • Most importantly—carry it with confidence!

With so many colors and styles to choose from, you are sure to find a Doubletake tennis bag that perfectly complements your favorite tennis outfits

Read more from Shawna over at Doubletake, and shop for your own Doubletake tennis bag to complete your look on the court.

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