A Classic Look for a Perfect Match

A Classic Look for a Perfect Match

Throughout my life, tennis has been a constant. Whether it was racing off to practice after long school days, rallying with my family in the summer heat, anxiously awaiting long bus rides for team matches, or even looking for a hitting partner on early Saturday mornings, tennis was there for me. The sport taught me the value of having patience, mental toughness, and a strong strategy - just like the pros, right?

Well, even though I have tennis to thank for those skills, there were a few mistakes that I made along the way, including poor fashion choices and a few too many sunburns. Luckily, I've found the solution to those problems with inPhorm.

inPhorm's new, Classic line has elevated the game for athleisure companies everywhere. Playing in their flounce skirt and classic polo tank was as comfortable as could be - even in the 85º weather that would usually make me overheat in a heartbeat. The moisture management technology that's incorporated into the outfit kept me cool on and off the court - a must for the heatwaves that are guaranteed to come! 

Additionally, one of the pet peeves I've experienced on more than one occasion was being distracted by my outfit. It could be by having my skirt ride up during a major point or feel my shirt clinging to my skin by the end of the match - either way, it would take my focus away from the game.

Now, when I'm practicing in my 15" skirt, I don't have to worry about adjusting my outfit mid-point or making sure I have enough sunblock on (inPhorm's UPF technology takes care of that). Instead, I can shift my focus on my skills and work on being the best player I can possibly be.  

I believe that all athletes - old, new, professional, amateur - want to feel confident when they're in their element. 

Whether you're on the court, the course, or in spin class - you deserve to look and feel your greatest. I know that the age-old saying "Look good, feel good" seems played out at times, but it's amazing what the perfect outfit can do to your potential. 

I look forward to playing tennis with my family and friends every chance I get - it might be introducing someone new to the game or playing with a veteran who has hundreds of matches under their belt. There's no reason anyone should be left out of the fun! All I need is my inPhorm outfit, a racquet, and a can of balls to guarantee that I'm going to have a great time.


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