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All White is All Right

By : Aanchal Jain 0 Comments

by Noni Cuthbert~

All White…how stuffy…how boring…how British!

In 1800 it was decided that all white would be worn at Wimbledon because it was unseemly to see the sight of sweat on a woman! How tempting must it be to change these rules. With the advancements in technical fabric sweaty women in sport are a thing of the past but in the true British tradition, this policy remains.

The Queen’s Club in Kensington and The Hurlingham Club in Fulham, have the same strict all-white dress code.  Both clubs are a beautiful oasis of calm in busy London.  Although the corsets and long skirts of the 1800’s have been replaced by short dresses and skirts, the scene set by the players in their all white is reminiscent of bygone days. British clubs love rules…only because they can, and this is key to their success. The long list of people waiting to go on the membership lists at these clubs is all the evidence needed.

Stuf! Marketing Ltd, are the UK and Ireland distributor of Inphorm. Stuf! Took Inphorm to both the Queen’s Club and The Hurlingham Club. Both shops had plenty of choice of white tennis clothing from different brands, but these brands either repeated styles year in year out or had quite a small selection of mainly white.  As Inphorm was a new brand both clubs bought very tentatively for their first season.  Inphorm flew off the shelf and out of the delivery cartons before it even hit the shelves.

Season after season Inphorm manages to keep their look updated and fresh, we had a complaint recently from one of the clubs buyers that now Inphorm was giving them too much choice.

Bravo Inphorm!

All white really is all right.



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