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Update, Paying It Foward

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You might recall the story we shared about Anne Star and her efforts with the Pete Brown Junior Tennis Program.  And how excited and lucky inPhorm felt to be able to donate some of its ladies’ tennis clothing to the PBJTP Organization.

Pete Brown JTP is the wonderful inner-city program for children in Compton, CA.

Anne shared an update with us on the results of the inPhorm donation.  We would love to share this heartwarming story with you.  Here is what Anne had to say:

I wanted to give you an update since you sent me all those fabulous inPhorm items. I packed up the boxes and handed them out to a group of super excited girls and their mothers who also play tennis at Harvard Park! What a fun thing to do and I have inPhorm to thank!

So…I did have many pieces left and they are so gorgeous I had to think of how to continue to help our city kids with them. I did not want to put them on sale online or anything like that as I respect you both and the inPhorm brand. Instead, I invited my many tennis team friends over for a little wine party and told them they could pick an outfit if they made any donation they wanted to our Harvard Park PBJTP. My friends were SO excited and they all loved inPhorm. Many had not heard of your brand before but they do now! I raised $2,100!!!!! Every cent went to PBJTP and the money will be used to pay for tournament entry fees for many of the kids this summer. I made a $200 donation for my outfit too and I just love it!

In addition, my husband and I stepped up to buy a plane ticket for Zach, one of our teenage coaches, who has not seen his parents nor brother or sister in El Salvador for 2 years. Zach was homeless until we found him a small place in someone’s garage to live. We hired him to help with the coaching as he is a high-level player and had no income. He works hard and is a good kid who stays out of trouble and studies hard. He will be a senior in high school this fall. He also loves tennis!

So, thank you for your incredible kindness and generosity. I hope what I did was ok with you. It will help a lot of kids play in tournaments that they would otherwise not be able to afford. I am grateful more than I can express in words.

Contact PBJTP at [email protected] or call them at 713 202 4778 if you want to help or contact [email protected] is you would like to contact Anne Star direct. Thank you.

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