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Recap: Wimbledon 2017

By : Aanchal Jain 0 Comments

Is Wimbledon really all that it is made out to be?

The answer to this question is a resounding, YES.

Yes, yes, yes! Wimbledon is all that and more.

If you have not ever attended, and even if you are not a sports fan, Wimbledon is must add to your bucket list.

The pride in which everything is presented, prepared, and cared for is the first thing that comes to mind.

Center Court at Wimbledon.

I was fortunate enough to be given a tour of the beautiful Wimbledon grounds at The All England Club the day before the tournament started.  It was the calm before the storm since approximately a half million people will visit the two-week tournament.   All around rehearsals and training were still ongoing and workers could be seen dusting outdoors. That is just how impeccable everything is kept.

The flowers are beyond description and all throughout London, the theme is continued with the most spectacular arrangements in the traditional Wimbledon colors of purple and green showing support all around.

The second thing that is noteworthy is the traditions.  From the 250 ball boys and girls who stand at attention regardless of the weather elements with a precision and posture that would make a military officer envious, to the player’s tennis attire and strictly enforced dress code, to the exceptional food and drink, to the constantly groomed and cared for grass courts, to the Royal Box, there is simply no way for words to aptly express and help you appreciate the traditions at Wimbledon.  But, they are palpable when you are there in person and you simply get caught up in it all.

And it is these rich traditions that make the crowds seem nonexistent, the walking necessary (we tracked just over 42 miles in a week), as well as the expense, go unnoticed.

The people watching is a must mention as well.  Most of the crowd embraces fashion and attends the matches respectably dressed and certainly capture the rich millinery history that England is well known for.  And, as you can imagine, there are plenty of celebrity sightings with perhaps the best known and most frequent of which is the Duchess of Cambridge.

But the last and most important mention has got to be, without fail, the players themselves.  Their heart, gratitude for the very privilege of playing Wimbledon, and competitive spirit are like none other.  It would be impossible not to notice the many injuries that are being endured and the exhaustion on the faces of these players as they wait their turn.  They are beyond loving, giving, and gracious to the fans and most would, as one of the inPhorm sponsored players put it, rather be carried off on a stretcher than resign their game.

Pictured above is Tennis Pro, Alla Kudryavtseva, wearing the Brandie Dress.

I’ve been around professional athletes my entire and lengthy career but have never witnessed more heart than can be found in a tennis professional.  And though you’ll never catch a player who is satisfied with just being able to play at Wimbledon, because of course, they are there to win, I can promise you that you will never find a harder working and more committed group of athletes in any other sport.

Hats off to Wimbledon and all their players!

As for me, I’m working on attending again next year!  Wimbledon 2018 is my new bucket list entry. Once is simply not enough for the greatest tournament in history.

Here is a quick video showing the summary of our visit:

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