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Paying It Forward

By : Aanchal Jain 0 Comments

I have been working in the fashion industry in one capacity or the other for many years now.

I’ve modeled, worked in sales for showrooms, designed, manufactured, ran apparel companies, have owned many apparel businesses, and have been rewarded countless fashion honors and awards.

One could say that I have a passion for the industry and they would be correct.

But the real passion is when you can give back to the industry that has been so giving to you.

Throughout my career, I have always found at least one charitable cause and volunteer opportunity to balance my need and desire to give back.

From mentorships to non-profits, to serving on various boards, the joy of giving back is what has always made the industry worthwhile to me.

In addition to helping young female tennis professionals by sponsoring their wardrobes, last year inPhorm was able to outfit an inner city high school in tennis uniforms.  Though a small gesture it meant so much to me when I heard that one recipient cried upon receiving hers and said that in her lifetime she never dreamed she could own her own tennis skirt.

These are obviously children that are not being given enough hope. As I see it, there is absolutely no reason for this young woman to not believe that she can be the next Serena Williams and that sponsors will be paying her to wear their clothes!

So, you can imagine my joy when I heard from Annie Star that she has a need for inner city Los Angeles that inPhorm could fill through her efforts with the Pete Brown Junior Tennis Program,

The Pete Brown Junior Tennis Program is a 5013c organization in honor of Coach Pete Brown who for forty plus years shared, taught and spread his love for the game of tennis to inner city youth of South Central Los Angeles.  After his passing in 2009, the PBJTP was formed to continue his mission of providing a safe and positive place for young people who have the desire to learn and excel at the game of tennis.

The Mission Statement of PBJTP is as follows:

“We are dedicated to training diverse community youth in grades preK through 12th grade in the sport of tennis.  Our emphasis is on developing physical fitness, sportsmanship, teamwork, and education.  PBJTP strives to provide the opportunity for children to develop into competitive tennis athletes, build self-esteem, personal confidence, lasting friendships and great memories all while having fun.”

Contact PBJTP at [email protected] or call them at 713 202 4778.

We at inPhorm are blessed to be able to collaborate with PBJTP and benefit the future of tennis by serving children as they so deserve.

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