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One of the Trendiest Colors of the Year and Why It’s Not Going Anywhere

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By Susanne Taylor

Take Time to Smell the Roses because they are not going anywhere.

Rose, Rosewood, Rose Quartz, Rose Water, and all shades of these beautiful earthy mauves are the real color of the year.

Rosewood is trending, performing at retail, and still going forward into early 2019.

Evidence of this is abundant on the runway from evening to athleisure wear and here’s my theory as to why the color is just so right now.

To Reasons, this Color Works – So WORK IT!

  • For the person that has always loved pink but on everyone else. It was just never quite right for them to wear. (I’m one of those) Rose is different.  While closely related to pink…it’s not pink.
  • For the person that has always worn pink, lived for pink, and will most likely go to the grave wearing pink, it offers a muted shade while still giving them the pink fix they need. After all, you can’t argue with “pretty in pink” and rose is a fresh update to the color pink.
  • Rose looks good on everyone.
  • Rose is a flattering feminine color that exudes power yet stability.
  • The color rose has enough red in it that it is still highly energetic yet offers the insight of the color white in its mixture.
  • Rose offers comfort.  How could you possibly ever feel anger while looking at the color of rose quartz? Or for that matter envisioning rose petals steeping in hot water? It is a calming, soothing color and who couldn’t use a little soothing these days???
  • Rose is a nurturing color and 2018 is a year above all others that women are fully committed to nurturing themselves for a change. #timesup
  • Rose is a color of mystery yet love. It’s intriguing with its mixed energy, femininity, and close relation to the heart chakras.
  • It is a beautiful standalone color or pairs well off many colors. Black, White, Grey, Denim…to name my classic favorites.
  • It is classically French originating from the Mallow Flower. Every gal knows to love all things French. I mean they did bring us Champagne, Perfume, Macaroons and the best in Lingerie. Need I say more???  The French obviously know what they are doing.

So, we say, YES!  Yes, to the on-trend color rose and all its close relations.

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