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Off The Court, Juliette and Charlotte Vick

Off The Court, Juliette and Charlotte Vick
August 4, 2017 Aanchal Jain

Hi, we are Juliette and Charlotte Vick. We are 16 years old and have just moved to Southern Indiana, from Upstate New York.

When we were 3 years old, we were introduced to tennis by our mother, who played tennis in high school on the boys team, and then went on to receive a national doubles ranking in 2010.
We have always idolized the “Bryan Bros” and the Williams’ sisters. We admire that Venus and Serena can be competitors but will still be each other’s # 1 supporter.
Our immediate and extended family have always and continues to be very supportive of our tennis! They all try to come to as many matches as possible.
Our advice to young players is that you should listen to your body. Don’t go try hard 24/7, because you still have a ton of time, and tennis is a life long sport! Our grandpa played tennis well into his 80’s. Also stay determined no matter what, even if you get injured. You can always come back stronger from injuries.
We both volunteered with Aceing Autism and taught Autistic kids the fundamentals of tennis and socializing! This was a great learning opportunity for us. We learned to be very patient and how not everything goes the way we planned, but thats okay! We had loads of fun!
Within the next 5 years, we both see ourselves almost out of college and possibly playing tennis for our university or still playing in tournaments.  We hope to continue playing tennis for as long as we can especially since we can always meet people through tennis.

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