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Off The Court, Jess Moore

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As you all know by now, we love, love, love sharing the stories of our inPhorm sponsored pros.

This week we are very excited to share a story from Down Under as Jess Moore, Australian female tennis pro, tells her story.  Enjoy Jess’ read below:

Photo source, Jess Moore.

My name is Jess Moore, I’m so proud and privileged to be a part of the inPhorm team.

I truly believe feeling good about yourself in a wholistic way, whatever you do, is most important.

For this reason, I’m grateful that inPhorm believes in my journey and provides me the opportunity to feel great on and off the court.

A little about myself…

I’m 26 years old from regional Western Australia.  I turned professional when I was 17 and have been traveling internationally competing ever since.  Tennis has become a huge part of my life.  No doubt it has had many highs and challenges but also some of the most incredible life experiences.

So far, I have reached a Career high of 132 singles WTA and 88 in doubles.

My favorite surface to play tennis on is clay and without a doubt winning my first WTA Doubles Title last year with Varatchaya Wongteanchai in Bucharest was a real highlight and proud achievement.

The older I have become the more I have realized how important maintaining life balance is.  It assists staying mentally fresh on long overseas trips and helps with my performance.

Apart from regular training and competing, I study Health Science externally from a university in Western Australia.

I’m also a massive lover of face time to stay in touch with my most important people, love my daily yoga, am a sucker for a good romantic comedy film, and when home I love hanging out with my loveable Wally, a practically human, Golden Lab.

I continue to train and compete for as long as I can while knowing I’m pushing my personal limits physically, mentally and emotionally.

I consider myself extremely fortunate regardless of the tough challenges faced coming from a more remote upbringing to traveling and competing in tennis on an international scale.


We, at inPhorm love Jess’ positive attitude and outlook on a balanced life. Go, Jess!

You can follow Jess’ career with us on her Instagram and Twitter.

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