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Introducing, Summer 2017 Collection 2

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What inspired Summer 2017?

For summer 2017 we took inspiration from Mother Earth.  We looked at the spring botanical and summer energy derived from the elements themselves.  The very essence of the summer sun playing off of the blues of our oceans inspired us.  They are passionate, colorful, bold, and exude personality.

What we love about our mesh and netting found in Summer 2017:

Of course, there is no hotter trend in activewear right now than mesh.  Mesh serves many practical purposes other than additional ventilation. But, for us, it is simple – it goes back to our tennis roots.  Even though inPhorm is quickly finding itself in more and more golf shops, yoga and pilates studios, and specialty stores with a focus on athleisure, our first love is tennis.  So, when you look at our mesh, think of tennis nets. No pun intended but they serve us well!  Next time you are on the court or passing by a tennis court stop and look at the net.

If they could only talk!  They would have so many stories to tell.

How do the summer colors speak to us?

We pumped a lot of color, especially pink and green, into our pallets to capture the beauty of the season with a rich scuba green and a cheerful azalea pink. These sound like preppy colors but we’ve done them in such a way that they reach far beyond prep.  And the silhouettes, updated to capture the power of the athletic woman and yet still show her feminine side, are classic yet modern and work beautifully in all our colors options.

What is our favorite color?

It is hard to choose just one but if we were judging by the introduction of azalea in spring and the increasing response, it would be hard to argue that pink has not turned out to be one of the most important color of the season.

What else do we love about the summer collection?

This is an easy question to answer as it is our priority with every season.  WE LOVE quality and innovative fabrics, and pride ourselves in bringing the best of both to the summer collection.  The technology involved in developing our products is a constant work in progress.

We are consistently working to not only bring you the latest in technical properties, but behind the scenes we are working on how to always take it a step further.  Look for new innovations each season from inPhorm as we know you deserve it!

Summer is for playing because…

We are of the mindset that anytime is the right time to play!  But statistically, summer is thought of as the time to vacation and play.  So be it a beach ball or a tennis ball, get active!  Find your favorite playtime passion, throw on your favorite inPhorm summer piece, and get moving.  It’s what keeps us healthy both mentally and physically, while renewing the spirit.

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