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Interview with our designer, Saad Hajidin, on what influenced Fall 2018 design

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by Susanne Taylor~

1. You seem to manage to always stay true to the inPhorm DNA. This cannot be easy with there being so many active brands influencing the market these days. How do you do it?
True, it is hard to not be influenced by what’s happening in the market these days. Every new season, I dedicate time for soul-searching. I always flip through design binders from past seasons and look at where we’ve been, where we are and how do we add newness without abandoning our core. I get great seasonal feedback from our VP of marketing. It is the best tool to keep me in tune with the business and how people are responding to my design.

2. What was your inspiration behind fall 18?
Fall 2018 is about looking back at our original and now classic inPhorm designs. Feminine silhouettes with beautifully draped shapes and simple touches of mesh details.
The color palette is inspired by the deep autumn crimson, winter berries, and the different shade of winter sky – – pink, grey and deep blue.

3. What can the inPhorm customer expect to see as far as newness in fall 18?
Light feathery fabrics with heather and marl texture were added to the collection. We’ve also added collar and zipper details that are appropriate for tennis, but also transition to golf. We’ve offered longer skirt lengths. From our traditional 13 1/2 inches, we now offer 15, 17, and 19 inches.

4. What is your favorite new style and why?
If I must pick one item, it would be the Jessica Dress. It has a sporty look, but it’s also elegant and feminine. The flounce skirt detail is beautiful.

5. Do you have a favorite repeat style?
Yes, the Marcela Dress. Named after our model Marcela. It was a big hit when we first introduce the style and has been a good seller every time it is repeated.

6. The inPhorm focus has in the past catered mainly to the tennis customer. The fall 18 collection takes a serious nod at golf and was the buzz of the PGA Show. There is also more lifestyle dressing for that customer. Are there further plans to expand the golf division of inPhorm? Lifestyle?
Yes, golf is an exciting market. Many of our clubs are tennis and golf venues. Our reps know the golf market. It was only a matter of time. We’re seeing a trend of mixing Athleisure Wear with tennis in most of our pro shops. We’ve slowly added items that can cross over from tennis to active and lifestyle. Expanding into Lifestyle business can only enhance our brand and attract consumers that would not have otherwise been interested in inPhorm.

7. Can you give the consumer a sneak peek at inPhorm holiday?
Holiday is sophisticated. Crimson and light grey colors are prominent in the collection. A lot of sporty yet feminine tops to compliment flouncy skirts. Many of the styles are made in featherweight fabrics that have soft hands and technical properties. There are also a number of beautiful Lifestyle and yoga pieces in Holiday.

8. I know inPhorm has always prided itself upon its eco-friendly business practices, including new dying techniques in the spring/summer collection, tell us about the most recent inPhorm Pay it Forward campaign relating to Equine Advocates? Are you behind the product design? Are you personally connected with Equine Advocates? And, if so, how?
Yes, I am behind the product design. I first went to Equine Advocates open day two years ago and fell in love with the sanctuary and a horse name Austin. My spouse and I adopted him two weeks later. I’ve been doing anything I can to help raise money for the sanctuary. Designing the tee shirt was fun and I had Austin in mind the entire time. I hope readers will take the time to go to our website to purchase the tee. or donate direct at

9. Not really a question, but rather a request, tell us one secret regarding the plans for inPhorm 2019. Something that will not be known by the public until they read this blog interview…. give us the scoop.
Expanding on our Athleisure wear. We’ve also been talking about extending the tennis line to include Junior (Girls’) line and men’s. We’re working on a business plan and see how we can position our brand in these categories.