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Happy Earth Day

By : Aanchal Jain 0 Comments

As we celebrate the 47th annual Earth Day on April 22nd, we reflect proudly on our efforts to stay true to inPhorm’s original mission statement to always produce ethically and with as low of impact on Mother Earth as is possible.

In honor of Earth Day, we would like to share a few facts that motivate us to always consider the impact on the environment and to take action:

  • Earth Day was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson on April 22, 1970.
  • Earth Day is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network and is celebrated in close to 200 countries!

The garment industry uses enough water annually to fill up the Mediterranean Sea.  This is a lot of water!  (Not to mention the pollution of this water from harmful chemicals used in dyes.) When purchasing your favorite apparel ask what dye method has been used and what plans are in place to use more water friendly techniques in future manufacturing.

Proudly, one of inPhorm’s business partners is the company that makes one of these dry dye processes available.

Check out and enjoy the link below, it will enlighten you far more than our words can aptly express.

  • Close to ¾ of cardboard boxes and newspapers are recycled each year but less than 50% of printing and writing paper was recycled. At inPhorm we use recycled paper for our hang tags and our office’s writing paper is donated to an area farm for composting in their worm garden.
  • inPhorm also uses recycled fabrics for more than 90% of their production and has already began the manufacture of a new sustainable fabrication. Say hello to what will surely be your new favorite fabric.  We only wish we could let you reach out and touch it!   Not only does is have every technical property necessary to sustain you during exercise, sport and play, it feels like something you’d like to softly caress you.

This “exceptionally ecological” fiber leaves you wanting for nothing.  While our mothers were insisting, and rightfully so, on luxuriating in cotton you will be the generation to insist on luxuriating in beech wood.

Ethereal beauty is what comes to mind when we experienced making our first tee in this wonderful and luscious fabric, now inPhorm has made sure you will be able to do so too and it will be available to you as early as this July!

  • Recycling, reuse and re-manufacturing result in more than 3 million U.S. jobs. So, by showing the love to Mother Earth you are actually creating jobs write here in the good ole US of A!

We would love to know how you plan to celebrate Earth Day!  And our staff is going to reward their favorite reply with a free gift to show our thanks for your efforts.

We are all in it together and inPhorm is here to create not only some of the most beautiful activewear, athleisure, tennis, and yoga wear on Earth but to show our Earth just how much we love and appreciate her!



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