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Lounge In Style and Comfort

By : Aanchal Jain 0 Comments

At inPhorm we are loving the jogger and track pant trend!

We have long since been offering this to our customers.  Track pants and joggers are nothing new for us.  In fact, they are a classic addition to every season we offer.  But what is new is all of the fabulous ways to wear them and that they are acceptable to wear everywhere – and, by that we mean all occasions.

So, get your comfy on with us this fall.

From the runway shown as evening wear with stilettos; to the court, track or streets with your sneakers; or barefoot with a book by the fireplace, comfort wear has never been trendier or more timely.

Embrace the jogger/track pant trend and say goodbye to those NOT so comfy skinny jeans!   And if you absolutely cannot go without something from the jean world, pair a denim jacket with your jogger.

About the only way you could go wrong is by adding a funky shoe to the mix.  Other than that, you cannot possibly go wrong.  And remember since the jogger hits at the natural waste tucking in a little tee will achieve that flattering curvy look.

There is enough stress in the world right now.  So, get your comfy on with inPhorm joggers and track pants while at the same time never having looked chicer.

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