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In Memory of Nicky

By : Natalie Rivera 0 Comments

If you follow our blogs, you are most likely aware that inPhorm’s original and continuing mission is to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly activewear brand. inPhorm also supports like-minded organizations and causes.  One of them is Equine Advocates, based in Chatham, N.Y., that provides rescue, retirement, medical attention and a work-free environment for horses that have been mistreated on the racing circuit, in the performance industry, the carriage horse industry, wild horses and the slaughter-bound. Equine Advocates does this through education, investigations, lobbying, rescue operations and outreach to the public.

inPhorm has supported Equine Advocates through contributions, the design and manufacture of EA T-shirts and its sponsorship program — participating in the care and well being of a selected equine. Saad Hajidin, inPhorm’s Founder/Creative Director, and his spouse have adopted and sponsor Austin, a beautiful but scarred standardbred who was a champion on Midwest harness tracks. After sustaining multiple injuries, painful and invasive surgeries, and abandonment, Austin was rescued by a horse-lover who contacted  Equine Advocates, who took him in.
But because of his cruel treatment, Austin was skittish, frightened and unfriendly. EA paired him with Nicky, a much older horse, who eventually calmed Austin and became his companion for almost five years.  But last month, due to the extreme heatwave, Nicky died from Potomac horse fever, a disease that can be fatal to equines in excessive heat.

Nicky (left) with Austin

I’m sure that most of us are aware of how people are suffering from global warming — and the implications for our future.  But Nicky’s death reminds us that animals also suffer — as species migrate, polar bears scrounge for food on melting ice caps and the whole ecosystem, from the smallest insects to the largest whales, are endangered by this phenomenon that is induced largely by humans. So it hit us hard, as a brand that strives for sustainability and lessening our carbon footprint, to hear that an animal we have grown to love left this world too soon — partly due to global warming. His loss has strengthened our resolve to innovate and produce a product that not only doesn’t harm our world but contributes to the environment — to people and, yes, animals. So we dedicate this blog in loving memory to Nicky, Austin’s stablemate, running mate, carrot-scrounger and companion.
For more information on Equine Advocates and how you can sponsor and adopt one of their horses (or a burro or a donkey) go to

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