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A Closer Look at Summer 2017

By : Aanchal Jain 0 Comments

You don’t have to be in Malibu, or even in Los Angeles, to get in the mood for the warm and sunny summer days ahead.

You need only to walk the streets and enjoy the store fronts of NYC to know that this season sunshine is more than just Mother Earth showing us the summer love.

Sunny shades of yellow are a major trending color of the season.

Yellow found its way from the runway to the streets for Summer 2017!

If you are on Instagram, watch for the sun inspired yellows from all your favorite designers. Follow us, here.

You will see this HOT color – pun intended – on celebrities, bloggers, models and athletes alike.

We are loving the energetic shades of yellow invoking the brain’s happiest memories and leading us to anticipate the amazing upcoming summer.

In fact, we love it so much at inPhorm, we named one of our summer collections, “Sundance Yellow.”

We will be the first to admit that yellow can sometimes be a little intimidating to wear and perhaps not for everyone. But, what we love about Sundance Yellow is that it’s precisely that perfect shade of yellow that is magically beautiful on so many skin tones.

There is enough white in our yellow to flatter all and pair beautifully with the blues and whites of the season.

With all this talk of the anticipation of the summer season, we want to remind you to also be mindful of the sun! Most of us enjoy at least one form of outdoor activity on a regular basis and this is never truer than during summertime. Sunshine is important for our bodies and is an important source of Vitamin D. But, too much sun exposure is dangerous and it can be damaging to our skin.

Sun protection is no joke and it is the perfect time to remind all our inPhorm friends and family to wear sunscreen! And, be mindful of other innovations in sun care awareness and protection that can help further protect you.

Here’s to seeing you enjoying healthy amounts of summer sun in your favorite shade of yellow.

We hope to catch up with you on the tennis courts, trails, or relaxing on your favorite beach somewhere this summer!

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