Willie Nelson 2020 Virtual Gala & Auction
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Equine Advocates | 2020 Virtual Gala & Auction

COME TO A PARTY WITH WILLIE NELSON.  As all of you who follow our blogs know, one of inPhorm’s favorite causes is Equine Advocates, which provides rescue, retirement, medical attention and a work-free environment for mistreated, injured and wild horses.  It’s a Virtual Gala & Telethon hosted by Bebe Neuwirth and featuring Sheryl Crow, Ali […]
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In Memory of Nicky

If you follow our blogs, you are most likely aware that inPhorm’s original and continuing mission is to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly activewear brand. inPhorm also supports like-minded organizations and causes.  One of them is Equine Advocates, based in Chatham, N.Y., that provides rescue, retirement, medical attention and a work-free environment for horses that have been mistreated […]
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Breaking News – The Real MVP is Named!

by Susanne Taylor~ Obviously, if you are reading this blog you have an appreciation for sports and in almost every sporting competition an MVP, Most Valuable Player, or a Champion is declared.And today that is exactly who we would like to discuss, the Real MVP. Mothers. For there is no heart greater than that of […]
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Houston Retail Following Hurricane Harvey

Houston Retail Following Hurricane Harvey by Vicki Bernstein~ Houston retail in the golf industry was hard hit during Hurricane Harvey.  Many clubs suffered from water damage on the course, flooding of the clubhouse, loss of the entire facility, and in some cases loss of the entire facility two years in a row!  Three of our […]
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Equine Advocates-Rescue & Sanctuary

by Susanne Taylor~ What do inPhorm and Equine Advocates, one of the nation’s leading organizations fighting abuse of domestic and wild horses, have in common?  That would be Austin,  a wounded standardbred that was abandoned by it’s owners after a lucrative racing career. Austin (right) and his pal, Nicky. Austin is sponsored by inPhorm’s Creative Director, who has a home […]
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#StayinPhormed: United We Stand

It has been hard to know when the best time to write this week would be.  We had hoped that by the end of this week, most lives would be out of danger here in Texas.  Thanks to Hurricane Harvey, that is far from the case and it is widespread in Texas.  It is not […]
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Update, Paying It Foward

  You might recall the story we shared about Anne Star and her efforts with the Pete Brown Junior Tennis Program.  And how excited and lucky inPhorm felt to be able to donate some of its ladies’ tennis clothing to the PBJTP Organization. Pete Brown JTP is the wonderful inner-city program for children in Compton, CA. Anne shared […]
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Paying It Forward

I have been working in the fashion industry in one capacity or the other for many years now. I’ve modeled, worked in sales for showrooms, designed, manufactured, ran apparel companies, have owned many apparel businesses, and have been rewarded countless fashion honors and awards. One could say that I have a passion for the industry […]
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