14 Aug
Pay it Forward

In Memory of Nicky

If you follow our blogs, you are most likely aware that inPhorm’s original and continuing mission is to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly activewear brand. inPhorm also supports like-minded organizations and causes.  One...
08 Dec
Pay it Forward

Equine Advocates-Rescue & Sanctuary

by Susanne Taylor~ What do inPhorm and Equine Advocates, one of the nation’s leading organizations fighting abuse of domestic and wild horses, have in common?  That would be Austin,  a wounded standardbred that was...
19 Aug
Pay it Forward

Update, Paying It Foward

  You might recall the story we shared about Anne Star and her efforts with the Pete Brown Junior Tennis Program.  And how excited and lucky inPhorm felt to be able to donate...
02 Jun
Pay it Forward

Paying It Forward

I have been working in the fashion industry in one capacity or the other for many years now. I’ve modeled, worked in sales for showrooms, designed, manufactured, ran apparel companies,...