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Interview with our Creative Director, Saad Hajidin, Holiday 2018

~By Susanne Taylor 1. What was your inspiration behind holiday 2018? – Holiday 2018 is a continuation of fall 2018. In an effort to fulfill the need of the tennis industry, we’ve made a decision to show the two collections simultaneously. It was the first time for me to work on two collections together. A […]
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From Petra, “inPhormed” in Europe

~By Petra Januskova Hi, everyone. I’d like to share my last five months traveling on the pro tour with you! Traveling the world is something I don’t take for granted. I get to see so many wonderful cities while playing the sport I love. How many people in this world get this opportunity? I also get […]
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Spring 2019 Trends Forecast

~By Susanne Taylor What do you get when you combine Russian Love with Italian Fashion? Answer:  A trip of a lifetime that combines the beauty of the Italian, Russian and American cultures. Last month I had the amazing experience of traveling to Lake Como, Italy, for the wedding of inPhorm’s first tennis pro and dear […]
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The Life and Challenges of a Pro Athlete

~By Susanne Taylor and Giuliana Olmos We love sharing the voices of our inPhorm sponsored pro athletes with you. Below is the first of a series of updates on some of their 2018 journey through the 2018 Tennis Grand Slam season and summer play. This one is written by Giuliana “Gugu” Olmos who though resides […]
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Green Travel- Eco-forward vacation ideas!!!!

by Susanne Taylor~ Chances are you have completed or are working on this summer’s family vacation and are now thinking ahead of either the post-summer vacation without the kiddos, the fall vacation, or even the next family summer vacation.  If so, you will definitely want to read further. First, I want to confess that even […]
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A sad farewell to those Wimbledon Whites

~By Susanne Taylor With yesterday’s close of yet another amazing Wimbledon, inPhorm wanted to share some of our favorite moments there this year. Once again, Wimbledon, known for their “In Pursuit of Greatness” tagline, delivered nothing but greatness. Honestly, I don’t know why they are pursuing it…. they have already achieved it, as have all […]
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Journey to Wimbledon 2018

By Susanne Taylor~ inPhorm is proud to announce that four inPhorm sponsored ladies will compete at this year’s “In Pursuit of Greatness” 2018 Wimbledon Championship! Congratulations to these hard-working women and already champions for making the cut for the Main Draw in what is probably the most popular Grand Slam in all of tennis. The […]
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Meet inPhorm’s New Ambassador, Melanie Oudin!!

inPhorm has added a new Ambassador to their family!!!!  Read below to know her more! Melanie, you are the most recent Ambassador to join the inPhorm family. What made you pick  inPhorm as the brand you would like to wear? I have seen inPhorm around for awhile now and always thought how classy and professional the clothes […]
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