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Off The Court, Jacqueline Cako

Off The Court, Jacqueline Cako
March 1, 2017 Aanchal Jain

Proving once again that she’s not just another pretty face, I mean, tennis player, Jacqueline Cako reveals yet another one of her many talents.

As it turns out, inPhorm’s tennis wear ambassador and multi-talented tennis pro, Jacqueline Cako is also an accomplished pianist.

Jacqueline, ranked in the top 300 female tennis players worldwide in both singles and doubles, made time in her busy and grueling schedule while playing at the Dow Tennis Classic earlier this month to lend time to the Midland Public Schools Outreach Program.

Tennis players, fans, and children had the opportunity to enjoy and listen to Jacqueline’s recital.

Jacqueline was quoted that she could do some of her favorite things that week during the Dow Classic which included visiting schools, visit and talk with some of the children, and, of course, play tennis.

It would not surprise us if you also caught her with a yoga mat under her arm.  Jacqueline also loves doing hot yoga as part of her training.

Standing at 5’10” with legs that go on forever requires lots of stretching and yoga is the perfect solution for Jacqueline not to mention how absolutely model like and beautiful she looks in all her inPhorm!

Join us in wishing Jacqueline continued great success in 2017.  She deserves it.


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