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Australian Open 2018- update by our favorite Aussie, tennis pro, Jess Moore

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by Jess Moore~

Hobart is definitely bringing out the good weather for the Hobart International! Besides the usual wind on the top of the hill at the Domain Tennis Centre, the sun has been beautiful with clear blue skies. I’ve managed to go out for dinner a few times with fellow doubles player Darija Durak along the restaurant strip of Salamanca. It’s just nice to get out of sports gear and eat a meal away from the tennis and enjoy what the city has to offer. Of course, being on the water you must try some kind of seafood!!! The food here in Hobart is yummo!!

I went down in singles to Alison Van Uytvanchk from Belgium, ranked 78; 6-3 7-5 yesterday. Even though it was a loss, I was really proud of the way I executed my game plan and my composure out there. I fought well and had many chances to make it an even more competitive match. My singles are not as consistent as my doubles so I was really happy with the way I performed against such a quality competitor. I haven’t had a match like this in a while, definitely feels good and what I play for.
Tomorrow I am playing doubles with Jaimee Foulis; a young Aussie player who has had some great success on the singles court in the last couple of months. It is good to see the Australian girls holding their own out there in quality events leading to the Aussie Open. One of the things I would like to do later in my career is  to be in a position to use my experience both on and off the court to assist others to achieve success.
I thought for this blog I would give a little insight into what my day at a tournament generally consists of…
I’m a morning person. I like to get up and make the most of the day. I start with a pretty wholesome breaky which usually consists of overnight soaked oats with fruit and a coffee. I always get my 30min of Yoga followed by 30min of meditation- something I’m really focussing on at the moment (refreshing starting off the day doing something positive for myself). I then make my way to the courts for one or two practices either working on specifics or point play. Before or after on court I like to get my rehab and injury prevention exercises in or I go to the gym, taking roughly an hour; glute activation, eccentric loads for my right knee, thero-band shoulder activation and thoracic spine mobility. Getting these done daily just keeps my body somewhat together from the on-court load.
When in competition, I don’t push myself in the gym as much as I would out of tournaments. Something I’ve learned with experience and as I’ve got older is to listen to my body as much as possible. More isn’t always best! (with my personality, not always easy!!)
At the end of training, I’ll have a quick full body stretch then head back to the hotel or wherever I may be staying (at times some tournaments provide housing, so I can stay in a family home to reduce costs).
Because I rise quite early I crash pretty early. I like to eat dinner around 6:30/7.00 and then chill a little watching Netflix so my food can properly digest before having a decent night sleep. Sleep is so crucial for me and my performance. I know I operate best on at least 8.5-9 hours (yes quite a lot I know) of solid sleep so I always make sure I’m in bed at a reasonable time. I may have the nickname of Granny Moore.
Enjoy some pictures  from the club, Salamanca strip and the dock :)
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