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A sad farewell to those Wimbledon Whites

By : Aanchal Jain 0 Comments

~By Susanne Taylor

With yesterday’s close of yet another amazing Wimbledon, inPhorm wanted to share some of our favorite moments there this year. Once again, Wimbledon, known for their “In Pursuit of Greatness” tagline, delivered nothing but greatness.

Honestly, I don’t know why they are pursuing it…. they have already achieved it, as have all the amazing athletes competing there. inPhorm’s Co-Owner and Creative Director, Saad Hajidin, attended this year and allowed me to accompany him. We hit the ground running by first holding a sales meeting with the UK Distributor, Alan Byrne, of Stuf Marketing (, meeting with The Queen’s Club Shop Manager, Stephanie Havelock, followed by a dinner at our apartment in Kensington prepared by Saad.  Yes, he cannot only design beautiful clothes, he is a gourmet cook too!

Three of the inPhorm pros competing at Wimbledon, Kaitlyn Christian, Alla Kudryavtseva, and Giuliana Olmos, and one of their coaches along with Alan Byrne attended the dinner.
This was Kaitlyn, (KK), and Giuliana’s (Gugu), first time to compete at Wimbledon. Both ladies made the most of it and Kaitlyn even got her first Wimbledon win to advance to the second round. Not bad for a first visit! Even more impressive, though she did not take home the win this year, was Alla. This was Alla’s 12th consecutive year to compete at Wimbledon!

Saad and I could not have enjoyed watching and supporting these women more and owe a debt of gratitude to Jess Moore from Australia who left us her player’s passes. Wimbledon is amazing enough on its own but when you have passes that allow access to the behind the scenes player’s practicing and dining areas along with seats in the players box, it is beyond amazing.

Though scheduling mishaps did not allow Jess to join us for dinner at the apartment on Monday, Saad and I caught up with she and Noel later and enjoyed an amazing visit and dinner together following one of her matches. We took enjoying a glass of the infamous Pimm’s to the next level at that dinner!

While in London we also had the pleasure of meeting with inPhorm’s new Distributor for Switzerland, Phillipp Kuntz. ( Phillipp was able to join us for a day at Wimbledon and dinner in addition to the inPhorm sales meeting. We are very excited about the future of inPhorm in Switzerland with Phillipp’s company, Ace Distribution. And, it was a pleasure sharing not only the beautiful inPhorm 2019 spring collection with Phillipp but also the inPhorm brand story.

In the meantime, inPhorm’s Wimbledon whites stood out. Not just for their feminine on-trend design and the pros wearing them, but for their white. I never knew there were so many white shades out there…many not so white…but inPhorm’s white is a true pure white and was beautiful against Wimbledon’s lush grass courts.

If you are not a member of the esteemed The Hurlingham Club or The Queen’s Club in the UK, don’t fret. All those beautiful whites can be purchased on the inPhorm website,
In addition, inPhorm honored the colors of Wimbledon, purple and green, in their 2018 summer palette and is offering a special deal for Wimbledon lovers this week for any of their purple, green or white tennis and athleisure wear. This should help with soothing your Wimbledon withdrawals! Use code- WIMBLEDON2018 and get 20% off your purchase.
*Excludes New Arrivals*

I could go on forever recapping our visit at Wimbledon during its first week but could never do it the justice that Ravi Patel, known as the rapping tennis coach did! It is a must watch. It was only posted on the Wimbledon UK site but hopefully, we can manage to post it here for you too. Enjoy!


I only hope Wimbledon had him recap the final week as it was just too special. You may have seen pics of Ravi posted on our social media before as during Alla’s comeback from Achilles surgery in 2017 he and Alla stayed at my home in Dallas for a month. Do not let his lean build and rapping in the video fool you. Having fed him for a month I can tell you that the only way he remains lean is through his tennis, not his rapping. This young man cannot only coach tennis, write music, and rap, he can eat too! He is an absolute delight, gentleman, and I hope you enjoy watching him.

In the meantime, as we all hope Kevin Anderson can rest what must be his beyond exhausted body and the amazing Serena Williams can enjoy having some time with her beyond precious daughter, congrats to Djokovic and Kerber for their Singles titles! And congrats also to Jack Sock and Mike Bryan for their Doubles title and to Barbora Krejcikova and Katerina Siniakova for their Doubles Titles. From the junior players to the wheelchair athletes and to all who competed at Wimbledon 2018, you inspire us!

Now, let’s hear it for the next slam! US Open bring it on!